Expansion Preparations

21st March 3306.

As of the 20th of March 3306, the RFOV Board of Directors have officially announced plans to expand into a new system in the coming week. With this announcement pilots are working hard to bring in essential supplies and data to assist in the expansion effort.

Leading RFOV trader Ryan Clarke had this to say:

“We’ve been working around the clock in order to keep essential supplies in stock for this expansion, even the Voltrigones Auxiliary Navy is busy keeping our trade vessels safe, we’ve all got to pitch in you know!”

In other news unusual Naval movements have recently been made in the Federal Navy Headquarters of Eta Cassiopeiae for the past week, more on this story later…

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  1. Keeping home economic, influence and social states in good stead has been key to this expansion effort becoming a reality. Well done to the Trade office.

    Misleading pirates’ effort into particular systems was also a key strategy, one that the Federal Security office should take credit for.

    We shall stay posted for further news from the Federal Navy.

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