Hikenk was once an Empire aligned system until the war of Hikenk in 3305. Now the population of 189.12 million, live under the guidance of the Federation. With investment by Vice President Hank Sweeney, the agricultural economy has grown, allowing Hikenk to become a leading exporter of Coffee.

The award winning Orbachino has become a well known coffee brand around the galaxy, with the current Shadow President of the Federation and head of the Liberal Party Felicia Winters being a known consumer of the coffee.

Grown using Biowaste from Voltrigones, the Orbachino coffee is roasted 8 times using the thrusters of a vintage Sidewinder, to provide that deep rich distinct flavor.

Unlike other brands of coffee, the Orbachino contains 10x the amount of caffeine to fuel any pilot on their journeys out of the bubble. 


Coffee Beans
* Warning drinking more then one cup can make you go blind, cause hair loss and explosive diarrhea*

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