The Intergalactic Lounge

The Intergalactic Lounge, a place where business deals are done and copious amounts of Lavian Brandy are consumed. Based in Low Dock, in our home system of Voltrigones, The Intergalactic Lounge, has a classic style allowing pilots of the Federation and RFOV to relax in comfort, while listening to a playlist of music selected by our leader VP Hank Sweeney.

The Intergalactic Lounge is a members only lounge that requires Federation Allegiance. If you can not prove this, you will be ejected by our security team. Pilots aligned with the Alliance will be imprisoned and have their ship destroyed. 

Here at the Intergalactic Lounge, we only server the finest craft beers and liqueur from around the galaxy and our systems. Why not try some craft beers from Hikenk or some signature cocktails, here at the Intergalactic Lounge we have it all.

Lavian Brandy
*Warning drinking beer at -179C is impractical and may cause immediate death. Gas Giant Beer in some cases cause Alektorophobia and the addiction of opening loot crates*

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