Welcome To Low Dock

The Retro Faction of Voltrigones is a Elite Dangerous Player Faction operating out of Low Dock in the Voltrigones system, providing a safe haven for Federal pilots, in an area of Empire controlled space. 

We’re a medium group of 17 pilots with a player minor faction based in EU (UK, NL, Swe) & USA and we’d be glad to have you join us. We mainly do PvE / BGS / Exploration stuff and currently have a couple of goals to control our own systems, and expand into neighbouring systems. Mainly we try to have fun and help each other out.

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Systems Controlled
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Stations Controlled

Key People

VP Hank Sweeney
Director Dr. Alan G. Flotsam
Director Tiberius Maddox
Amelia Vale Security Consultant

Our Business Activites


This faction was built on trade, our Vice President always needs commodities to help our economy prosper. We closely monitor our markets for profitable trade deals. 


Mining is just one of the business opportunities that have help our faction grow. Due to the prices of Void Opals, mining has never been so profitable.

Passenger Transport

Sometimes people need to travel in style. Using our fleet of Saud Kruger ships, we can transport paying guests in style around the galaxy.

Humanitarian Support

Sometimes even disaster can be profitable. If there is credits to be made, our pilots will be there to help save the day.


Sometimes one system is not enough. Therefore we actively engage in expanding our faction around the galaxy. We have recently achieved 13th place in the latest Leaderboards on PS4.

Bounty Hunting

To keep our systems safe from unwanted guests, with help from The Federal Navy, pilots of the RFOV can been seen keeping our systems safe.

We like pilots in the RFOV to be a minimum age of 18, we prefer to have an adult playerbase.

We take pilots of any skill, all we ask is that you are 18 and prefer to play as a Federal pilot, and are eiter on PC or PS4

Once we have received  your request to join the faction, our board of directors will review the application. Once accepted you will be invited to our Discord server. 

Cmdr Emilija, Vampire Countess
Cmdr Emilija, Vampire Countess
Cmdr Stop Nagging Me
Cmdr Gerrit
Cmdr Gerrit

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