Welcome To Low Dock

The Retro Faction of Voltrigones is an Elite Dangerous Player Faction operating out of Low Dock in the Voltrigones system. We provide a safe haven for Federal pilots in an area of Empire controlled space – and have stashed a Sidewinder full of 8-bit technology somewhere within the system…

We’re a medium-sized group of 20 pilots with an in-game Player Minor Faction. We’re based in Europe & North America … and would be glad to have you join us. We are primarily a PvE / BGS / Exploration / Trade and RP group with detailed knowledge of our local area (check out the System Data section…). Mainly though, we try to have fun and help each other out. If that sounds like you, hit “Apply to Join”. 

Please note: We’re interested in having fun and enjoying this beautiful Galaxy together. We’re not interested in being the biggest faction in the Galaxy with the most systems. We’ll leave that to others… (yawn).  

RFoV: often imitated, never bettered. 

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Systems Controlled
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Key People

VP Hank Sweeney
Director Dr. Alan G. Flotsam
Director Tiberius Maddox
Amelia Vale Security Consultant

Our Business Activites


This faction was built on Trade. The Corporation always needs commodities to help our economy prosper. We closely monitor our markets via AI-driven System Intel, to identify only the most profitable trade deals. 


Mining is just one of the business opportunities that has helped our faction grow. Our refinery economies benefit from our Commodities Tracker, ensuring RFoV pilots can keep mining profitable and worthwhile.

Passenger Transport

Sometimes people need to travel in comfort. Using our fleet of Saud Kruger ships, we can transport paying guests in style around the galaxy. Please do not smoke in the cabin.

Humanitarian Support

Sometimes even disaster can be profitable. If there are credits to be made, our pilots will be there to help save the day. Our Systems Intel data allows us to deliver Humanitarian Aid, locally, where it's needed most.


Our corporate strategy sometimes requires allowing systems to benefit from our business strategies. We have recently achieved 13th place in the latest Leaderboards on PS4 - no minor feat for a mid sized faction.

Bounty Hunting

To keep our systems free from unwanted guests, with help from The Federal Navy, pilots of the RFoV can been seen keeping our systems safe. That is, if you play in Open...

We like pilots in the RFOV to be a minimum age of 18, we prefer to have an adult playerbase.

We accept applications from pilots of all skill levels. All that we ask is you prefer to play as a Federal pilot, and are either on PC or PS4. Sorry, but we don’t have any presence on XBox at the moment. Here’s hoping for cross play though!

Once we have received  your request to join the faction, our Board of Directors will review your application. Once accepted you will receive an invite to our Discord server so that you can come and chat. 

Cmdr Emilija, Vampire Countess
Cmdr Emilija, Vampire Countess
Cmdr Stop Nagging Me
Cmdr Gerrit
Cmdr Gerrit

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