Attack from The Empire

@elitedangerous @CmdrM #Galnet #Galnews Over the past few days there has been unprecedented amounts of crime in our systems, but thanks to 2 brave Cmrds,Cmdr Stop Nagging Me and Cmdr Xela, we have managed to stop a direct and targeted attack from The Empire.

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Latj Disaster

@eliteDangerous #GalNews #Galnet of the 30th of March 3306 a natural disaster has recently happened in the System of Latj. A number of casualties have been reported and efforts are underway to help those affected by this event.

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Expansion Preparations

@elitefangerous #Galnet As of the 20th of March 3306, the RFOV Board of Directors have officially announced plans to expand into a new system in the coming week. With this announcement pilots are working hard to bring in essential supplies and data to assist in the expansion effort.

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RVS Turbinia Recommissioned

#EliteDangerous #Galnet #Galnews Commander Flotsam has reported that the RVS Turbinia has been recommissioned after a time spent engineering it’s components to ensure that it lives up to it’s namesake.

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